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Sunless Tanning Info

Everything you need to know to prepare you for your tan as well as the aftercare to keep your tan looking fabulous for as long as it possibly can!



The day of your spray tan or the night before shower & exfoliate from head to toe. 

Shave or Wax 12-18 hours prior to your appointment, hairs block the solution. Allow time for pores to close for a smoother overall appearance.

Do not use a scrub with heavy oil content to avoid a residue being left on your skin.  The best exfoliation advice is using just water and a loofah or wash cloth to scrub. 

You must come to your appointment with NO lotion on so once you have had your last shower before your appointment NO lotions. 

You may spray tan in the undergarment of your choice.

(Most women go with panties or nude/ Men are required to wear speedo or swim trunk)

*Bring dark & loose clothing to go home in. 



Right after your spray tan you will leave feeling a little tacky for a bout 15-20 minutes.

You will gain approximately 2 shades the day of your spray tan if you are feeling a little dark do not panic! When you shower you will lose a shade.

If you accidentally splash water on yourself the day of and cause a spot, again don't panic you just took the residue layer (bronzer) off and when you shower you will wash it off and reveal a perfect glow underneath.

The day of avoid lotions or heavy sweating. 




Keep skin dry for recommended development time.

(Normal solution 6-8 hours, Rapid solution 1-4 hours)This will allow the DHA to develop.

Avoid sweating, entering any water or applying makeup. For maximum results you may wait up to 24hrs before showering.

After waiting the recommended development time, you will shower, NO body wash. Just a rinse. As soon as you have taken off the residue layer (bronzer) in your first shower you are set, so moisturize as much as you want.  The more the better. 

Avoid shaving for at least 24 hours. Body scrubs, Loofahs, Dove body wash and bar soaps can inhibit the length of your Spray Tan.

On rare occasions due to dry skin, a spot can appear darker then it should, don't panic! A light scrub around the area followed by moisturiser after your first shower will make it look flawless as it should.